Artificial Ivy San Diego

Our residential and commercial Ivy product is an environmentally friendly, artificial ivy and vine system specially designed to prevent the lure of unsightly graffiti. We create a realistic and aesthetically true representation of natural foliage found in nature. Take a look at how municipalities, home-owners and property managers/owners can benefit from the advantages this unique synthetic landscape product offers. Contact us to learn how truly simple and practical these products are, to request a FREE estimate or more information.

What is Synthetic Ivy used for?

We offer environmentally friendly, 100% recycled graffiti deterrent products and life-like synthetic foliage representations for residential, municipal and commercial clients. The Ivy is a synthetic ivy and vine system that creates a realistic and aesthetically true representation of natural foliage. It can be used by municipalities, businesses, property managers and homeowners.

Benefits to consumer

  • Minimizes the requirements of costly graffiti removal programs and the unsightly results of non-matching surface painting.
  • Helps reduce crime stemming from graffiti.
  • No costly water consumption or sprinklers needed.
  • No pesticides.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Aesthetically appealing, lush and green all year.
  • 100% recycled renewable resources.
  • Easy, quick installation through secure anchoring system.
  • Can be cut and sculpted into any shape/size.
  • 2 year warranty and 7 year life expectancy